What Is the Right Time to Replace Your Car Tyres?

Do you know the age of your car tyre? Or a general idea of how long does a tyre last? There is no exact answer to the question. The lifespan of your tyres can be estimated based on several factors such as tyre quality, road conditions, your driving method, expected tyre age, frequency of tyre maintenance, etc.

The right time to get your car tyre replaced is different for every car user. You cannot avoid the possibility of an emergency where it becomes critical to replace the tyre, such as unpredictable tyre puncture or tyre defect.
With advancements in technology, there are so many tyre manufacturer brands that produce high-quality tyres capable of withstanding difficult road or weather conditions. Tyre Fitting Shrewsbury gives you the option to choose from the best tyre brands to get your car tyre replaced and fitted at a reasonable price.

Signs Indicating It Is Time to Replace the Tyre

Tyre Tread: The deterioration of tyre tread is a clear sign that you need to replace your car tyre. Tyres have tread wear indicators that make it easy to detect tread wear. Wearing off tyre tread can be dangerous as it reduces the tyre's grip and makes it susceptible to slide-offs on roads. So get to the garage soon and have your tyres replaced with Car Tyres Shrewbury if the tyre tread has completely worn out.

Tyre Puncture: If your tyre keeps on puncturing or has many cuts, get it checked with a professional to know whether it is time to replace it. Punctures and cuts damage the internal structure, and it is not safe to drive on a defective tyre by having it repaired frequently. If the cut on the tyre tread is larger than 5 mm, it is advisable to eliminate the damaged tyre.

Defective Sidewalls: The quality and reliability of the tyre's sidewall are of utmost importance, especially when you have radial tyres. Rough or bad road conditions and encounters with pothole damage can lead to cracks or bubbles on the tyre sidewalls. If your tyre sidewalls have experienced a lot of damage, having them repaired with the sidewall patches might not be the option this time. Replacing the tyres is crucial to ensure safety.

Age of the Tyre: The old age of the tyre is an indication that it is safer to get it replaced with   services even it is not giving you trouble. The tyre rubber stiffens up as the tyre gets old, and this rigidness leads to a decrease in the tyre traction and grip. The tyre may not appear to be completely damaged but is sure to lose its effectiveness over the years.

Get our Technical Assistance

If you are not sure even after seeing the signs of tyre deterioration mentioned above, consult with a tyre expert to take the final call. At Tyres Shrewsbury, our professionals will comprehensively evaluate your tyre before they replace them with our best-quality tyres. They will check the tyre pressure, tyre tread, and other signs of damage before suggesting tyre replacement.

They closely inspect the condition of both your car and tyres to replace and fix the right type of Car Tyres Shrewbury according to your on-road or off-road travelling needs. We also provide other tyre-related services at reasonable prices.